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7 best figma plugins for ux writers – boost your impact – (2023 update)

7 figma plugins for ux writers
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UX Writers and UX Designers
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Another benefit of Figma is its ability to create and publish plugins. UX engineers write plugins for Figma that also cover the needs of UX writers. I’m going to show you some Figma plugins for UX writers.

1. Find and Replace: It’s vital

Update:Fortunately, Figma has added find and relocation capabilities to its facilities since late 2022. With this feature, you can easily see an overview of all the content and edit them more elegantly.
Plugins that were designed for this purpose could not display an overview of all the content in question, so we might make a mistake in replacing all.
Now we can take advantage of Figma’s find and replace feature for user experience content and edit selected content on a page or the entire project. Find and replace!

find and replace in Figma

Work on texts doesn’t end until the last minute. We can change our minds about a microcopy at any time. Therefore, applying changes to all frames individually is tedious.

پلاگین فیگما مناسب یو ایکس رایتینگ - افزونه فیگما - figma plugin for ux writers
Figma plugins for UX writers: Try Find and replace

There are some handy plugin for instant change, and I tried three or four of them. Of all the Figma plugins developed for this purpose, Find and replace was the most effective.

2. FigmaEX: Tool cabin

figmaEX یک افزونه مناسب فیگماست که همۀ پلاگین‌های فیگما را در یک نوار ابزار در دسترس‌تان قرار می‌دهد - پلاگین فیگما مناسب یو ایکس رایتینگ - افزونه فیگما - figma plugin for ux writers
Figma plugins for UX writers: FigmaEX

As UX writers and designers, we have to open and close plugins all the time. Normally, you’d find it in the Figma plugins section of the menu. There’s an easier way, Cntrl + Alt + P.

An easier and better way is to install a toolbar, like the tool cabin of carpenters and mechanics: right in front and accessible.

You can add a plugin bar to your Figma environment with the FigmaEX plugin.

3. Frontitude: Interact and apply changes before you’re done

مدیریت متن تجربه کاربر و فرایند یو ایکس رایتینگ با افزونه فیگما frontitude
Manage text of user experience and UX writing process with frontitude plugin – Figma plugins for UX Writers

Tools come after understanding and knowledge. In many projects, the idea is, “if it doesn’t work, we’ll change it later.” If we have an attentive and receptive team, then an interactive plugin like Frontitude can be efficient for both the product manager, the designer, the technical team and the UX writing team at the same time.

This plugin lets you preview all the changes and then simply transfer the final decision to Figma.

Frontitude features include:

  • Automatically sync changes with Figma
  • View changes before you commit
  • Text search
  • During the design process, pay attention to details and changes in the text
  • Tag each kind of content so it’s easy to find

4. Ditto: From design to product on a rail

ditto پلاگین فیگما برای یو ایکس رایتینگ - figma plugins for ux writers

If product design teams don’t consider the text of the user experience to be the least important part of the product and follow Scott Kubie’s advice, he says:

Writers don’t get paid enough. Pay your writers more. Tell everyone at your next conference, pitch, workshop, or all-team meeting that they should pay their writers more. It will make things better.
We can position the content better. For this reason, using the Ditto plugin at the same time will be great for all teams involved in product design.

Scott Kubie

Actually, Ditto is a central hub for UX writer work that technical teams can connect to.

Ditto plugin for UX writing features:

  • Manage all product texts in one place
  • Technical teams can access texts
  • Consult with the UX Writing team and technical team on microcopies and content challenges
  • Transfer texts to the developer department without copy-pasting
  • Keep track of the UX Writing process
  • Text search
  • Get text output in JSON, CSV, or XML formats

I’ll say it again: tools are just tools. There’s no Figma plugin that can improve our workflow unless we believe in the benefits we get from the tool before we use it and try to optimize processes. Tool slavery is easy!

5. Content Buddy: A companion to content

content buddy پلاگین یو ایکس رایتینگ figma

This Figma plugin lets you search for a specific text in the selected sections and edit it separately.

6. CopyDoc: Australian Versatile

copydoc یک پلاگین فیگما مناسب یوایکس رایتینگ است که بسیاری از نیازهای تجربه‌نویس را رفع می‌کند و به کارش سامان می‌بخشد. - figma plugins for ux writers

CopyDoc plugin fulfills many of the needs of a UX writer.

This Figma plugin has everything you need to facilitate exporting, importing, spell checking and text editing. No extra work needed. Install and get started.
CopyDoc plug-in has a bunch of features that make it suitable for UX writers:

  • Export text layers from Figma as CSV or JSON files.
  • Figma text layers can be imported or updated in CSV or JSON.
  • You can search and replace texts.
  • You can export the full text of each frame as DOCX, XLSX, TXT, EPUB, HTML or PDF.
  • Text spelling in Figma is multilingual. (English, Czech, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Istanbul Turkish, etc.)

7. strings: The top of all UX Writing plugins

I think if only this one Figma plugin was developed for UX Writing, UX Writer wouldn’t be needed.

Strings is a combination of all five other plugins I wrote about above, only it has a cleaner look and a more structured framework.

This plugin has a spell-checker in dozens of languages, including Arabic!

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