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Can a designer be a ux writer? – about writing ability

Writing ability for ux writer

What is the distance between user experience design and user experience writing? Can a designer simultaneously act as a UX Writer?
I see a lot of enthusiasm among designers these days. They take seriously the Persian or English articles published about UX Writing, look for workshops and courses, and want to be a full-fledged designer.

We have already listed the skills a UX Writer should have. In this post, I will discuss one of the most critical UX Writer skills. Ultimately, you will judge whether one can be both a user experience designer and a UX writer at the same time.

Professional designer

Imagine an interior designer. What raw materials and tools does he work with? Is it possible to use his tools like him? Who knows the concerns of his work and is knowledgeable about it? Like him, does everyone understand which stones, fittings, or… are appropriate for which decor and circumstances?

Naturally, the interior designer has accumulated years of knowledge and experience to achieve “skill” and “insight” in his work.

Text design for users (human)

UX writing is more than just “writing” or “editing text”. A UX writer empowers words and arranges them according to different variables for the user (human audience).
The materials of UX writer’s work are the same: design insight, writing taste, and writing ability.

But what is meant by writing ability?

Writing ability

What are writing skills and how are they acquired? Let’s review some key skills:

Wide vocabulary range

An author must have a wide vocabulary to be able to use each word according to its position. For example, a skilled writer will have a few words, synonyms, or meanings for the word “pleasure” in his pocket, but a writer with a limited vocabulary will have a limited choice.

Vocabulary is gained through extensive study and practice and is the result of years of time and concentration.

Ability to design the tone of words

A talented writer can create different tones. This skill is the result of many readings and many exercises that are certainly not achieved all at once.

Ability to write in different styles

An experienced writer is familiar with different writing styles and can write a concept in several styles.

do you know AP Stylebook?

Mastery of language structures

The author, who is fluent in linguistic structures and features, is able to express a concept in different ways and with different formulations. This is done without distortion and ambiguity.

Cleansing and simplification

An identifying feature of a good text is cleanliness and simplicity. We all know how to read and write. However, writing a clean text, without gross editing mistakes, without gross spelling mistakes, without grammatical mistakes, and clear of ambiguity, is the fruit of long experience and practice.

Can a designer be a UX writer?

My experience is that UX writing requires a special focus. Writing ability is a basic skill for a UX writer. Can the product be viewed from two angles at the same time (user copy and user experience design)? Maybe you are a genius!

This post is a translation of the “Can a Designer Be a UX Writer? of UX Writer” article that was first written in Persian.

Novelist and UX Writer
Husamedin Motahari
Novelist and UX Writer
A novelist who makes a living with UX writing. I write to pave the way for the user experience. Writing skills are not enough to become a UX writer. This is a world designed for humans.
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